Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So this is Christmas....?

I remember six months ago being pregnant and thinking 'aww my baby will be two months old at Christmas!' It seemed so far away, yet here we are!
As I was shopping for my son, (and yes my daughter but that's really for me haha) it amazed me how many turn into completely different people. Some turn into over spenders getting their three year old things a three year old doesn't even need..laptop anyone?? If those are so easy to come by, pass one this way! At least I could appreciate it!
Other people become what others fondly refer to as "scrooge"... Whether they spend no money or are watching how much they spend, those that over indulge in "holiday spirit" see the penny pinchers as having none.
Since when was our holiday happiness and spirit judged by how much we spend? I remember as a kid I was lucky to get one or two things off my list. Now kids have been taught to expect everything they ask for. This causes them to become ungrateful. God forbid, you miss one present from their list.
Shopping for my kids, on a budget ( while I was a bit disheartened at first) I got everything for both of my kids for under 60 dollars! And they will have a great Christmas!
As I was reveling in my success, there was what I thought a mother and father with a cart full for their large family. Seeing my sparse cart, they asked how many kids I had. I answered I had two and then returned the question expecting to hear at least three kids. I almost fell over when they said one..A cart full for one child? Seriously?
I realize I will never be able to get them everything they want. However, they will be happy. Yes the gifts and toys give them momentary happiness, but it's really the love and closeness of family that will remain with them.
Looking back at my childhood the gift I remember most was a prank, not a large obnoxiously priced item. And it's a wonderfully warm memory.
I only hope my children can have the same feelings when they look back. Christmas is not about credit cards or even toys, but in the hussle and the bussle of the season we tend to replace hugs and I love you's with presents and money.
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  1. You know what I remember about the holidays growing up? Traditions. Piling in the van to look at Christmas lights, making cookies, seeing various cousins, my grandma's homemade bread. I dont remember the presents. I have to remind myself of that very same thing. Brian and I have always had to be frugal, but my kids are blessed none-the-less. And yours will be too.